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In going about day-to-day life, there are many needs - be in buying a car, home, boat or just getting a right lawyer, or painting a home or anything.. there is need to get not only the right person/firm to help, but also have options to pick from for quality, price and timeless or any other need that the user may have. [Yes, these are those who POST LEADS]

The way works is that, after a need is posted, this is uploaded to the LEADS JOURNAL for prospective firms to reach out to. When they click on the lead, they pay us and the user gets a piece of their payment (a generous 20%). A real-time report is available for the user to see who has clicked on the need. The rate of payment is based on the star rating. The first time the need is posted, the default star is one. Once the lead viewer sees the needs and rates this as being valid, they click on the rating and that increased the 'star rating' against the user’s email address registered with us. One star brings in 20 cents to you, two star - 40 cents, three stars - 60 cents, four star - 80 cents and five star - $1 (all in US dollars) for every paid click. There is a real-time report to view; and once a month the full amount is paid back (credited) to the users credit/debit card in file.

For those who want to VIEW LEADS, they have to signup (CHECK THE VIEW LEADS OPTION) and pay to view the leads - an entry fee of $5 a month and pay-per-click as mentioned on each lead. Need alerts for LEADS? We got that too!

It’s easy to signup. This is a great new way to help resolve needs!